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Ashtanga Portland ME. 

at Bright Star World Dance Studio

108 High St.
Portland ME 04101


Parking near Bright Star World Dance Studio.

Meters for street parking (including the lot across the street) aren't in effect until 9 AM Mon-Sat. Parking staff checks the meters right at 9 AM or very close to it. If you use the Passport Parking app (see the signs near the studio or FMI) to pay in advance the app doesn't start counting down until 9 AM. If you put coins in the machine, it will start counting down right away. But if you pay via the app before 9 AM (and after 6 PM the night before), it won't start counting down till 9 AM. So, you could pay for an hour ahead of time via the app, then finish your practice and not worry about rushing right to the meter. 

There are also open private lots in the area. They are run by a company called United Parking Partners that charges a higher fee per hour. The Spring Street Garage next to the Civic Center/Cross Insurance Arena is run by the City at $3/hr. The lot/garage next to the Holiday Inn is just $1.75/hr. The garage next to the Westin/Eastland hotel is private and over $4/hr.